A Force of One (Special Edition)



He hears the silence. He sees the darkness. Hes the only one who can stop the killing. One by one, a squad of undercover narcotics agents is being eliminated by a mysterious assassin. Those felled are left virtually unmarked, except for one cruel death markthe work of a lethal martial artist. To help discover the identity of the karate killer, the police enlist the aid of Matt Logan (undefeated six-time world karate champion Chuck Norris, An Eye for an Eye, Code of Silence), whos training to defend his title against Jerry Sparks (kickboxer Bill Superfoot Wallace, The Protector). Amanda Rust (Jennifer ONeill, The Reincarnation of Peter Proud), a key member of the undercover team, is the first to put the pieces together. Can she warn Logan before he steps into the ring? Directed by Paul Aaron (Deadly Force) and co-starring Clu Gulager (The Return of the Living Dead) and Ron ONeal (Super Fly), this high-voltage thriller is bursting with non-stop action and suspense!

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Aug 2, 2022
Genre Action, Thriller
Actors Chuck Norris
Director Paul Aaron
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