Arsenic and Old Lace



Frank Capra adapted a hit stage play for this marvelous screwball meeting of the madcap and the macabre. On Halloween, newly married drama critic Mortimer Brewster (Cary Grant, cutting loose in a hilariously harried performance) returns home to Brooklyn, where his adorably dotty aunts (Josephine Hull and Jean Adair, who both starred in the Broadway production) greet him with love, sweetness . . . and a grisly surprise: the corpses buried in their cellar. A bugle-playing brother (John Alexander) who thinks hes Teddy Roosevelt, a crazed criminal (Raymond Massey) whos a dead ringer for Boris Karloff, and a seriously slippery plastic surgeon (Peter Lorre) are among the outr oddballs populating Arsenic and Old Lace, a diabolical delight that only gets funnier as the body count rises.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Oct. 11, 2022
Genre Comedy
Actors Cary Grant, Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre, Priscilla Lane
Director Frank Capra
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