Basmati Blues


This enchanting musical romantic comedy stars Oscar winner Brie Larson as Dr. Linda Watt, a sheltered young scientist whose company CEO (Oscar winner Donald Sutherland) orders her to India to sell farmers the GMO rice that she created. There Linda meets Rajit (Utkarsh Ambudkar), a rebellious college student forced to drop out for lack of funds. Through his playful and often infuriating antagonism, Linda learns she has unwittingly aided a destructive plan against the farmers she was supposedly sent to help. A passionate battle erupts and the future rests on whether Linda and Rajit can quit arguing long enough to admit they love each other and save the day. Pulsing with the vibrant colors and rhythms of India, this captivating film features original songs written by global artists Pearl Jam, Kristian Bush of Sugarland, Sid Khosla of Goldspot, Dave Baerwald, and Sonu Nigam. Boasting a fantastic ensemble cast, Basmati Blues is a love letter to multiple eras of thrilling Bollywood cinema, heart-stirring musicals, and indelible classic Hollywood romantic comedies!

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Format DVD
Release Date Apr. 19, 2021
Genre Comedy
Runtime 106
Language English
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