In the Soviet Union during September 1941 there was an emergency evacuation of people from Leningrad across Lake Ladoga. By a twist of fate, a young couple, cadet-gunner Kostya Gorelov and his girlfriend Nastya Tkachyova, are on board the dilapidated barge 752, the purpose of which is the evacuation of the inhabitants of the Siege of Leningrad. The barge is badly worn out, but Nikolai Gorelov, Kostya’s father, taking responsibility, ordered to load on it over 1,000 people, among them the son. Among the evacuees is NKVD investigator Vadim Petruchik, who led the case of Nastya's father. The case of the repressed father Nastya was reviewed. He was released and sent to the front, to the same section of the front, stopping loading on the barge, sent cadets-gunners. At night, the ship gets into a storm and suffers disaster. At the site of the tragedy, the first to come are not rescuers, but the enemy aircraft.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Dec. 2, 2019
Genre Action, Adventure
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