Beverly Hills 90210: The First Season
Beverly Hills 90210: The First Season Watch Trailer

Beverly Hills 90210: The First Season


One of the definitive, landmark shows of the 1990s, "90210" quickly became an important fixture on the FOX and in the popular discourse of adolescents and young adults. The first season s main characters, Dylan, Kelly, Donna, Steve, David, Andrea and twins Brandon and Brenda all attended West Beverly Hills High School. Brandon and Brenda Walsh and their parents, transplants from Minneapolis were the stable nuclear family with strong values; their home was a safe haven for the whole gang and the center of much of the drama. The show dealt with a steady stream of love triangles and other romantic entanglements and occasionally touched on more serious issues as well.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Release Date Nov 7, 2006
Actors Gabrielle Carteris, Shannen Doherty, James Eckhouse, Douglas Emerson, Jennie Garth, Brian Green, Luke Perry, Carol Potter, Jason Priestley, Tori Spelling, Ian Ziering
Runtime 1068
Screen Format Fullscreen
Sound English DDS, Stereo
Special Feature Meet The Class: Brenda?; ?Beginnings With Darren Star? Featurette; ?Meet The Class: Andrea?; ?Meet The Class: Brandon?; ?Meet The Class: David?; ?Meet The Class: Donna?; ?Meet The Class: Dylan?; ?Meet The Class: Kelly?; ?Meet The Class: Stev\
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