Ted and Mary have just moved, with their two young daughters, to the sleepy coastal town of Gull Island so that Ted can complete work on his thesis. Everything couldnt seem more picturesque about their new, seaside homethat is, except for the increasing number of aggressively behaving birds. After surviving an unprovoked nighttime avian invasion, Ted becomes determined to figure out the cause of their unusual behavior; an investigation which leads him to uncover the sinister goings on in the nearby waters. All the while, the birds increase their now deadly attacks, moving up from family pets to human victimsOne of the handful of direct-to-cable-television horror movies produced in the early to mid 90s by Universal, THE BIRDS II: LANDS END is a jaw dropping animal attack spectacle from director Rick Rosenthal (Halloween II) which stars Brad Johnson (Always), James Naughton (Cats Eye), Chelsea Field (Master of the Universe), and Tippi Hedren (The Birds). Never released on disc, Vinegar S

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Sep. 27, 2022
Genre Horror, Thriller
Actors Brad Johnson, Chelsea Field, James Naughton, Tippi Hedren
Director Rick Rosenthal
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