Bloody 70'S Horror Double Feature: Mary


Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary -A beautiful American artist, who's also a vampire, has the Mexican authorities in full investigation, after her lust for blood has left a trail of bodies across the country.
Blood Feast - A twisted, cat lover, who collects weapons and macabre objects, uses a pastime of picking up and scoring with beautiful women, as a means to sustain his massive horde of the animals.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jun. 21, 2022
Genre Horror
Actors Christa Linder , Zulma Faiad , Helena Rojo , Cristina Ferrare , Anjanette Comer , David Young , John Carradine , Hugo Stiglitz
Director Juan Lpez Moctezuma , Ren Cardona Jr.
Runtime 163
Language English
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