Brak Show, The: Vol 2



What happens when two adults get together and have children? And what if those children grow up and go to school? That's the just-crazy-enough-to-work premise behind "The Brak Show." Also, Brak is in it.

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Format DVD
Release Date Aug. 8, 2006
Genre Animated
Runtime 154
Screen Format Fullframe
Sound English Dolby Surround Stereo, English Stereo 2.0
Special Feature Episodes: Disc 1: New Brak; The Feud; The Runaway; Brak Street; Dinner Party; We Ski In Peace; Braklet, Prince Of Spaceland; Disc 2: Coma; Shadows of Heat; Enter The Hump; Splat; Sexy New Brak Show Go; All That I Desire You; Cardburkey
Language English
Sub Titles English, Spanish, French
Video Aspect 4X3
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