Brute Force



As hard-hitting as its title, Brute Force was one of Jules Dassins first forays into the crime genre, a prison melodrama with a scathing critique of the punitive American incarceration system at its heart. Burt Lancaster is the timeworn Joe Collins, who, along with his fellow inmates, lives under the heavy thumb of the sadistic, power-tripping guard Captain Munsey (a riveting Hume Cronyn). Only Collinss dreams of escape keep him going, but how can he possibly bust out of Munseys chains? Matter-of-fact and ferocious, Brute Force builds to an explosive climax that shows the lengths men will go to when fighting for their freedom, and asks the question of who societys real brutes are.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Sep. 8, 2020
Genre Crime, Drama
Actors Hume Cronyn, Burt Lancaster
Director Jules Dassin
Runtime 98
Sub Titles 44082
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