Devils Workshop



CLAYTON WALKER is a struggling actor who is willing to go to great lengths for emotional authenticity. When he gets a callback for a low budget film centering on the study of demons, he decides to step out of his comfort zone to prepare. He posts a classified ad looking to meet with a real-life demonologist and much to his surprise, he gets a response accepting his request. Clayton drives out to upstate New York to spend an evening with a former demonologist named ELIZA ATWOOD. In between existential conversations, Eliza puts Clayton through a series of ritualistic exercises that test him psychologically. However, as time passes, Clayton begins to suspect that Eliza might not be as legit as he initially thought and that there might be something sinister brewing.

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Format DVD
Release Date Nov. 8, 2022
Genre Horror
Actors Radha Mitchell, Timothy Granaderos, Emile Hirsch
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