DIAGNOSIS MURDER - Movie Collection (3dvd)


Diagnosis of Murder: (93 min, aired January 5, 1992) Police detective Steve Sloan believes that Nick Osborn killed his boss, Russell Cord. Dr. Mark Sloan (Steve's father) is convinced that his long-time patient Osborn is innocent and soon discovers three other top employees of the Cord Group who also had reasons for killing their boss. Pretending to be a medical police consultant, Dr. Sloan starts investigating the case himself. The House on Sycamore Street: (93 min, aired May 1, 1992) After a former student and ambitious cosmetic surgeon commits suicide, Dr. Mark Sloan and his team of hobby detectives try to investigate the case. A Twist of the Knife: (93 min, aired February 13, 1993) Dr. Sloan has reason to suspect an old flame murdered Senator Cabot. Sloan and fellow detectives discover her motive, but need to figure out how she managed to pass a deadly bacteria on to the senator in front of TV cameras. A Town Without Pity: (91 min, aired February 6,2002) Dr. Sloan and his son, Steve, go to the desert to learn the fate of Mark's daughter and her new husband. Without Warning: (87 min, aired April26,2002) When a large group of Mexican workers are infected with a deadly virus, Dr. Sloan and his friends must figure out the cause and cure before it's too late.

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Format DVD
Release Date Dec. 31, 2020
Genre TV
Actors Dick Van Dyke, Barry Van Dyke, Cynthia Gibb, Stephen Caffrey, Bill Bixby, Mariette Hartley, Ken Kercheval, Suzanne Pleshetteand George Hamilton
Runtime 460
Language ENGLISH
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