Dynasty (3D)



Fully Restored in 3-D by 3-D Film Archive! When an emperors son is accused of treason against the throne, he ends up in a fight for his life against all comers. Directed by Mei-Chun Chang (Revenge of the Shogun Women), this pop-out martial-arts spectacular stars Bobby Ming, Tao-Liang Tan, Kang Chin, David Wei Tang and Ying Bai, who was given an award for Best Supporting Actor at the 1977 Golden Horse Film Festival. This special edition is the first 3-D Film Archive release in Compatible 3-D, so you can view it on any system. The package has both BD3D polarized AND anaglyphic (red/cyan) 3-D versions, and contains one pair of anaglyphic 3-D glasses with information on how to acquire additional glasses.

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Format 3D BRD
Release Date Apr. 13, 2021
Genre Action
Actors Tao-Liang Tan, Ying Bai
Director Mei-Chun Chang
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