Edge of Sanity



Anthony Perkins builds upon his legendary status as cinemas seminal psycho in Edge of Sanity, a delirious conflation of Robert Louis Stephensons classic horror novella Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Jack the Rippers real-life reign of terror over Victorian London. When his experiments into a powerful new anaesthetic go hideously awry, respected physician Dr Jekyll (Perkins) takes off into the night, casting aside the shackles of upper-class propriety as he disappears into the shadowy decadent demimonde of Whitechapel in pursuit of sensual pleasures under the guise of Mr Hyde. As his wife Elisabeth (Glynis Barber) passes her time in charitable work, rehabilitating the districts fallen women, Hyde is drawn into an escalating cycle of lust and murder that seems to know no bounds. Produced by exploitation maestro Harry Alan Towers (The Face of Fu Manchu, Count Dracula) and directed with a hallucinogenic intensity by Grard Kikone (Lady Libertine, Buried Alive), Edge of Sanity p

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jun. 21, 2022
Genre Horror, Thriller
Actors Anthony Perkins, Glynis Barber, David Lodge
Director Grard Kikone
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