Evil Laugh



A group of medical students have decided to spend the weekend helping their friend, Jerry, fix up the old foster home he's bought and is planning to reopen. Little do they know that, ten years ago, a terrible massacre occurred there which saw a number of young children brutally slaughtered. Things get off to an ominous start; when the group arrives, Jerry is nowhere to be found and a strange, raspy voice, coming from somewhere inside the house, warns the youngsters to leave. Not letting any of this spoil their plans, the friends set about cleaning (and pairing off for sex). But their fun is short lived when a track jacket wearing killer with ties to the property's gruesome past starts bumping them off one by one.A low budget, high energy slasher/murder mystery which cheerfully embraces its low budget and trashy sensibilities, Dominick Brascia's (Hard Rock Nightmare) directorial debut EVIL LAUGH stars Ashlyn Gere (Lunchmeat, Dreamaniac), Johnny Venokur (Savage Streets), and Steven Baio

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 31, 2023
Genre Horror
Actors Ashlyn Gere, Steven Baio, Johnny Venokur, Karyn O'Bryan, Tony Griffin, Jody Gibson, Jerold Pearson, Myles O'Brien
Director Dominick Brascia
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