Extra Terrestrial Visitors



From Juan Piquer Simn - the infamous director of PIECES and SLUGS - comes The Restored Director's Cut of the most singularly screwy E.T.-influenced film in EuroCult history: When snorkel-nosed aliens arrive on Earth, they'll find a foggy wilderness filled with sociopathic poachers, bizarre bursts of violence and pathos, and the boy who befriends a blue-eyed extraterrestrial he names 'Trumpy'.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jun 27, 2023
Genre Cult, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Actors Nina Ferrer, Sara Palmer, Susana Bequer, Maria Albert, Ian Sera, Emilio Linder, Concha Cuetos, scar Martn, Manuel Pereiro, Guillermo Antn, Frank Braa
Director Juan Piquer Simn
Runtime 84
Language English
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