Film Noir: Dark Side of Cinema IX



This collection features three film noir classics. LADY ON A TRAIN (1945) The delightful Deanna Durbin (It Started with Eve) stars in this noir-flavored murder-mystery with a delicious comedic twist. A young woman (Durbin) on a New York-bound train is witness to a murder outside her compartment window. With a penchant for reading mystery novels and the help of a mystery writer (David Bruce, The Mad Ghoul), she sets out to solve the case after police refuse to believe her story. The plot thickens when shes caught at the victims estate and mistaken for his showgirl fiancee. Adopting the ruse, she soon discovers that the deceased has willed her most of his vast fortune! The wonderful cast includes Ralph Bellamy (Hands Across the Table), George Coulouris (Where Theres Life) and Dan Duryea (Johnny Stool Pigeon). TANGIER (1946) The beautiful Maria Montez (Cobra Woman, Gypsy Wildcat) is determined to bring a Nazi collaborator to justice in this exotic, suspense-filled noir. In the North Afr

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Oct 11, 2022
Genre Crime, Film Noir, Thriller
Actors William Powell, Maria Montez
Director George Waggner, Chester Erskine, Charles David
Language English
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