In July 1969, the space race ended when Apollo 11 fulfilled President John F. Kennedys challenge of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth. No one who witnessed the lunar landing will ever forget it. Twenty years later, Al Reinert constructed a documentary that imparts the unforgettable story of the twenty-four astronauts who participated in the Apollo mission to land on the moontold in their words and in their voices, using the images they captured. With its awe-inspiring, otherworldly footage and a haunting atmospheric soundtrack by Brian Eno, For All Mankind stirs us with a profound sense of compassion for the pale blue dot that is our home, and it is still the most radical, visually dazzling work of cinema that has been made about this earthshaking event.

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Format 4K, Blu-ray
Release Date Apr. 26, 2022
Genre Documentary
Actors Jim Lovell, Kenneth Mattingly, Russell Schweickart
Director Al Reinert
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