Gas Food Lodging



THEYRE SISTERS. BUT IT WILL TAKE A MIRACLE TO MAKE THEM A FAMILY.Adapted from the novel Dont Look and It Wont Hurt by Richard Peck, Allison Anders (Grace of My Heart) whipped up a storm at the 42nd Berlin International Film Festival with her masterfully crafted tale of a young woman trying to find love while struggling to bring up her two daughters.Abandoned by her husband, Nora (Brooke Adams, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Stuff) waitresses to keep her head above water while raising two teenagers in a small New Mexico town trailer park. Beautiful and rebellious, Trudi (Ione Skye, Waynes World, Zodiac) quits school to work alongside her mother, while her sister Shade (Fairuza Balk, The Craft, American History X) whittles away her time watching old movie matinees. Their life is turned on its head when Trudi finds that she has fallen pregnant after a string of promiscuous relationships and the girls' absent father returns with hopes of mending the relationships he broke when he left

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Nov 20, 2018
Genre Drama
Actors Brooke Adams, Ione Skye, Fairuza Balk
Director Allison Anders
Runtime 101
Language 39.98
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