Giallo Essentials White Edition (Limited Edition)



At the height of the Italian giallo boom of the early 1970s, scores of filmmakers turned their hand to crafting their own unique takes on these lurid murder-mysteries. This volume of Giallo Essentials presents three distinctly different but equally thrilling examples of genre, featuring some of European cult cinemas most recognizable faces.In The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave, director Emilio P. Miraglia (The Red Queen Kills Seven Times) melds the giallos trademark twisty whodunit storytelling with gothic chills, as troubled aristocrat Alan Cunningham (Anthony Steffen, Django the Bastard) is haunted by the specter of his dead wife Evelyn, and the gruesome and untimely deaths of several members of his family. Next, Riccardo Fredas (Double Face) The Iguana with the Tongue of Fire finds tough ex-cop John Norton (Luigi Pistilli, A Bay of Blood) drafted in to catch the acid-throwing, razor-wielding maniac whos terrorizing the streets of Dublin. Finally, Sergio Martinos (Torso) The Susp

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Feb 14, 2023
Genre Horror, Thriller
Actors Anthony Steffen, Erika Blanc, Luigi Pistilli, Dagmar Lassander, Claudio Cassinelli, Lia Tanzi
Director Emilio P. Miraglia, Riccardo Freda, Sergio Martino
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