Iwo Jima: 50 Years of Memories



It was one of the last major battles of WWII, fought on a tiny Pacific island only eight miles square. And when it was over, nearly 30,000 American and Japanese men were dead. Thousands more were wounded. This is the story of Iwo Jima, told entirely through the voices of American servicemen who survived the hell that was "Operation Detachment." Interviewed 50 years after the last shot on Iwo was fired, many of these brave men had never before spoken to anyone about their experiences on "Sulpher Island" -- a silence that haunted them for decades. Originally broadcast on PBS, IWO JIMA: 50 YEARS OF MEMORIES has been digitally remastered with added footage and photographs, including additional maps and archival film not previously available to the public. IWO JIMA: 50 YEARS OF MEMORIES remains a moving tribute to all of the men who suffered through this horrific campaign -- and the thousands who didn't come home.

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Format DVD
Release Date Jan. 11, 2016
Genre Documentary, Special Interest, War
Director Paul Molina
Language English
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