For this loose remake of his own classic THE GHASTLY ONES, writer/director Andy Milligan delivers a twisted family-gathers-in-creepy-mansion-for-inheritance saga filled with hysterical half-wits, inappropriate psychics, 1970s Staten Island standing in for late 1800s New England and some of the most insane explosions of graphic carnage in the entire Andy oeuvre.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 31, 2023
Genre Drama, Horror
Actors Marilee Troncone, John Tarantino, Elaine Boies, Louise Gallandra, Jeannie Cusick, Dale Hansen, Stan Schwartz, Andy Milligan, Jason Boies, Ann Ogilvie, Jack Boies, John Schiumo, Fred Keller, Dan Handley, Lisa Boies, Carla Wentworth, Martin Reymert, Bob Eli
Director Andy Milligan
Runtime 77
Language English
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