Married to the Mob



Everybody loves Angelabut Angelas married to da mob! In a star-making performance, Michelle Pfeiffer (Scarface and The Age of Innocence) is suburban mafia housewife Angela de Marco in Jonathan Demmes hit comedy Married to the Mob. When her unfaithful husband Frank The Cucumber (Alec Baldwin, Miami Blues and Beetlejuice) is iced by his boss Tony The Tiger Russo (Dean Stockwell, Blue Velvet and Paris, Texas), Angela flees her cloistered existence on Long Island for the big city, with several interested parties in hot pursuit: Tony, whos smitten with Angela, Tonys insanely jealous wife Connie (Mercedes Ruehl, The Fisher King and The Warriors) and FBI Agent Mike Downey (Matthew Modine, Full Metal Jacket and TVs Stranger Things), who believes Angela is the key to locking Tony up for a very long time.In between the beloved screwball thriller Something Wild and the Academy Award-winning The Silence of the Lambs, acclaimed auteur Demme helmed this sublime blend of madcap shenanigans, crime and

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Oct. 25, 2022
Genre Comedy
Actors Michelle Pfeiffer, Matthew Modine, Dean Stockwell, Mercedes Ruehl
Director Jonathan Demme
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