From the Godfather of Gore Herschell Gordon Lewis comes the groundbreaking series THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW. Join Sally and her twisted brother Ruby act as they act as judge, jury, and executioner in their hometown of Poterville, Maryland. Armed with power tools and a razor sharp wit, Chainsaw Sally is sure to emerge as one of this generation's standout horror icons! It's Groundhog Day in Porterville and Sally and Ruby are ready to celebrate the big day, but their plans change when nine film students arrive to do a project on "The Missing Persons of Porterville." Can the advice of local psychic Blondie (Debbie Rochon) save the group from the wrath of Sally' Just pray you don't see HER shadow! "A riotous and rockin''re going to love what's in store for you!" *Brutal As Hell*

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Format DVD
Release Date Nov. 16, 2004
Genre Horror
Runtime 90
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