Sailor Moon: SuperS: Season 4 Part 2



Sailor Moon SuperS Part 2 (Season 4) (Standard DVD) The hunt for Pegasus heats up after the evil Zirconia enlists the help of the mischievous, but deadly, Amazoness Quartet to find the mystical creature and the Golden Crystal he possess for their ruler, the beautiful Queen Nehelenia! As the Dead Moon Circus makes their presence known to the world, Sailor Moon and the Guardians begin to have even more trouble in and out of costume. From hypnotic stage shows to energy-draining spiderwebs, the Amazoness Quartet seems to endanger even its own members in its attempts to obtain the crystal. What would they do if they ever discovered that Chibi-Usa is the host of Pegasus? And why is Queen Nehelenia so obsessed with obtaining the Golden Crystal? The Sailor Guardians are in for a real surprise as they uncover the Queen of Darkness’s secret, and her connection to Sailor Moon’s past! ]]>

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Format DVD
Release Date Nov 13, 2018
Genre Anime
Language English
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