Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season
Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season

Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season


The Men of Letters Interactive Set Experience - Interactive menu allows the viewer access to numerous featurettes hidden in the various rooms of the Men of Letters set. ? Men Of Letters - a Set of Featurettes; Men of Letters: The Winchester Legacy - This documentary featurette will explore the rich mythology of the Men of Letters - from its roots with the Winchester family to the hidden compound that was passed down to Sam and Dean by their grandfather; Designing the Men of Letters Bunker - From concept to completion, Production Designer Jerry Wanek will guide us through the creation of Supernatural's largest set.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Release Date Oct 6, 2015
Actors Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins
Runtime 1012
Special Feature Episodes: 1. I Think I'm Gonna Like it Here 2. Devil May Care 3. I'm No Angel 4. Slumber Party 5. Dog Dean Afternoon 6. Heaven Can't Wait 7. Bad Boys 8. Rock and a Hard Place 9. Holy Terror 10. Road Trip 11. First Born 12. Sharp Teeth 13. The Purge 14. Captives 15. #THINMAN 16. Blade Runners 17. Mother's Little Helper 18. Meta Fiction 19. Alex Annie Alexis Ann 20. Bloodlines 21. King of the Damned 22. Stairway to Heaven 23. Do You Believe in Miracles?
Language English, French
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