Taxi Zum Klo: 30th Anniversary Edition: Director's Cut



Hollis Parker hosts a nightly web show that brings together sexual misfits from across the World Wide Web. Haunted by the murder of his wife four years earlier, he throws himself into his work, fielding questions from adoring fans, exhibitionists and quirky fetishists - all via their web cams. Then, a new intern at the studio shows romantic interest in Hollis, and what begins as a seemingly innocent crush turns into an unhealthy obsession. Though his show usually keeps him at a comfortable distance from his audience, Hollis soon learns that his final show may end in bloody murder - broadcasted live to all his adoring fans.

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Format DVD
Release Date Dec. 7, 2010
Genre Gay and Lesbian
Runtime 98
Sound English Stereo
Language German
Sub Titles English
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