Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour, The

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No television personality has ever immersed himself in the wondrous culture of the Far East like Tom Green. From pleasuring mechanical Santas to spending hard-earned yen on used underwear, Tom wholeheartedly embraces Japan's ancient and beautiful ways. So join MTV's Ambassador of Goodwill for an entertaining (and, we hope, educational) tour of the Land of the Rising Sun with The Tom Green Subway Monkey Hour. Learn to shout important turns of phrase in Japanese, such as "I disapprove of you!" and "suck it!" Observe the snow monkey in its natural habitat, locked in Tom's van! See what Japanese businessmen really wear at three in the morning! Not since Godzilla has any country wished so strongly to rid itself of a tourist.

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Format DVD
Release Date Mar 25, 2003
Genre Comedy
Runtime 50
Screen Format Fullscreen
Sound English Dolby Digital Sound
Language English
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