In this fast-paced and twisty thriller, newly unemployed Vernon refuses to toil away in an average job in a crumbling economy and instead masterminds a diabolical, all-or-nothing plan? Trading. In Trading, Vernon brings together two anonymous and equally desperate individuals to liquidate their assets, bring the cash to a remote location - and fight to the death. The winner walks away with everything. When Trading becomes an alarmingly popular underground phenomenon, Vernon becomes a participant in the very game that he created.

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Format DVD
Release Date May 25, 2021
Genre Action, Adventure
Actors Killian Scott, John Bradley, Peter O'Meara
Director Rachael Moriarty, Peter Murphy
Screen Format Anamorphic
Sound 5.1 Dolby Digital
Language English
Sub Titles English, English SDH
Video Aspect 1.78:1
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