A hallucinatory biopic that breaks all cinematic conventions, Walker, from British director Alex Cox, tells the story of nineteenth-century American adventurer William Walker (Ed Harris), who abandoned a series of careers in law, politics, journalism, and medicine to become a soldier of fortune and, for many months, the dictator of Nicaragua. Made with mad abandon and political acuityand the support of the Sandinista army and government during the contra warthe film uses this true tale as a satirical attack on American ultrapatriotism and a freewheeling condemnation of manifest destiny. Featuring a powerful score by Joe Strummer and a performance of intense, repressed rage by Harris, Walker remains one of Coxs most daring works.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Apr. 12, 2022
Genre Comedy, Western
Actors Ed Harris, Ren Auberjonois, Peter Boyle, Marlee Matlin
Director Alex Cox
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