Bloodmoon (Blu-ray)



Though it arrived near the end of the cycle, it remains the most satisfyingly depraved - yet least-seen - old-school slasher in Ozploitation history: Someone is butchering students at St. Elizabeth's Girls School, complete with gratuitous nudity, graphic gore, obnoxious teens, creepy cuckolds, barbed wire garroting, '80s Aussie glam-metal band Vice, an acid-flinging nun and heaps more.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Mar 26, 2024
Genre Horror
Actors Roland Wybenga, Margareta von Krauss, Claudia Muzii, Attila Lte, William Berger, Stphane Audran, Valeriano Santinelli, Massimiliano Pavone, Arnaldo Dell'Acqua, Lszl Sipos, Paola Rinaldi, Bob Holton, Bill Bolender, John Morrison
Director Alec Mills
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