Burning Paradise



After the Manchu government sends soldiers to kill all of the Shaolin Monks, a young disciple named Fong Sai-Yuk flees with his master in order to avoid being captured and executed. While on the run, Fong meets a young prostitute named Dou Dou who tries to help Fong and his master hide from a ruthless Manchu General skilled with a flying guillotine. Unable to save his master, Fong and Dou Dou are both captured and sent to an underground work prison known as the Red Lotus Temple. Run by a sadistic warden named Kung, who has a penchant for torturing and decapitating his prisoners, the Red Lotus Temple is a booby trap riddled Hell from which no one can escape. Thrown into a pit full of corpses and left to die, Fong must rally the other prisoners to fight back against their evil captors if they have any hope of escaping a fate worse than death. However, Fong must first contend with a former Shaolin disciple turned traitor as well a mysterious masked female fighter in order to save Dou Dou

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 31, 2023
Genre Action, Horror
Actors Willie Chi, John Ching, Yamson Domingo, Chun Lam, Carman Lee, Kuei Li, Quan Lin, Kam-Kong Wong, Xiqian Wu
Director Ringo Lam
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