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When Joyce and Andy Richardson are offered the chance to foster a young boy, seemingly abandoned on the side of a secluded road, they take him in, treating him as the son they never had. Although he remembers his name is Daryl, everything else about his past, his parents, and how he ended up on that secluded road remains a mystery; Daryl cannot remember a thing! On the other hand, he quickly demonstrates incredible intelligence and the uncanny ability to learn any skill shown to him on the very first try. However, when a mysterious and sinister seeming couple arrive at the Richardson's home, claiming to be Daryls real parents, they and their adopted son are thrust into an incredible, high stakes cover up and fight for survival as Daryls actual identity is revealed, and his life put into immediate jeopardy.Arriving at the height of adult-friendly family films, which offset their kid-friendly marketing with complex and at times violent stunts along with a pervasive sense of menace and da

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Format 4K
Release Date Jan 30, 2024
Genre Action, Thriller
Actors Michael McKean, Mary Beth Hurt, Barret Oliver, Kathryn Walker, Colleen Camp, Josef Sommer
Director Simon Wincer
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