Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (Blu-ray)



Following the immense success of other biographical star vehicles, it was only natural that porn icon Annie Sprinkle would be given the opportunity to explore her deepest desires and steamiest carnal fantasies. Taking full creative reigns, Annie invites viewers to probe scorching reenactments of some of her most unique erotic escapades along with incredibly outrageous original vignettes in this one-of-a-kind expos of the X-rated screens most transgressive star.Directed by Annie, with technical supervision by legendary sexploitation and hardcore filmmaker Joe Sarno (A Touch of Genie), DEEP INSIDE ANNIE SPRINKLE is a tour de force for Sprinkle who fully unveils her sensual self and demonstrates the range of her erotic talents, breaking every taboo and unashamedly showcasing each of her favorite kinky pleasures in the process. Aided by a cast of lucious co-stars including Heather Young (More Than Sisters), Lisa Be (Scoundrels), Ron Jeremy (Fascination), and Ron Hudd (Roommates). Quality X

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 30, 2024
Actors Annie sprinkle, Ron Jeremy, Heather Young, Marc Valentine, Lisa B, Ron Hudd, Bunny & Buddy Hatton, Michael Gaunt, David Messa, Roger Ram, Scott Mallory, Jake Teague, Bobbie Burns, Sassy, Ron Feilen
Director Annie Sprinkle & Joe Sarno
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