Delocated: Season 1 & Season 2



Delocated is the story of a family in the witness protection program who gets their own reality show. Moved to New York City from the small town the government placed them in, they wear ski masks at all times to protect their identities, trying to live anonymous lives on camera while attempting to avoid being murdered by the Russian Mob.

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Format DVD
Release Date Jan. 24, 2012
Genre Comedy
Runtime 348
Special Feature Episodes: Season 1; 100. Pilot; 101. Bar Mitzvah; 102. Good Buds; 103. Rage Cage; 104. The Soother; 105. Member's Only; 106. Sick Of It!; Season 2: 201. Decoys; 202. Conversions; 203. Dog Mayor; 204. Mixer; 205. Jon He Does It; 206. Mole; 207. Kim's Kraft
Language English
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