An essential fantasy-adventure, with groundbreaking Oscar-nominated visual effects, DRAGONSLAYER has been restored for exceptional picture and sound approved by director Matthew Robbins. Set in sixth-century England, an ill-tempered, fire-breathing creatureominously known as Vermithrax Pejorativeterrorizes its citizens until a young sorcerers apprentice named Galen is reluctantly tasked with confronting the beast. For Galen to succeed, it will take more than magic to defeat the dragon.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Mar. 21, 2023
Genre Action
Actors Peter MacNicol (Actor), Caitlin Clarke (Actor), Ralph Richardson (Actor), John Hallam (Actor), Peter Eyre (Actor), Albert Salmi (Actor), Sydney Bromley (Actor), Chloe Salaman (Actor), Debbie McWilliams (Actor), Emrys James (Actor), Deborah Brown (Actor),
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