Fatal Games (Blu-ray)



The young athletes of Falcon Academy are training hard to earn their place in the nationals. But when these burgeoning sports stars start disappearing one after the other, Dr. Jordine and his team - whove started plying their athletes with new and untested performance-enhancing drugs - are baffled. Little do they realize that a javelin-wielding, tracksuit-wearing killer with a strong throwing arm and a deadly grudge against athletic excellence is on the prowl, picking off the Olympic hopefuls one by one. Whether they're squeezing out a few extra reps in the gym, training on the field or clocking up some late-night strokes in the pool, nowhere is safe. As their numbers continue to dwindle, can the remaining athletes unmask the maniac before theyre disqualified for good?!Directed by Michael Elliot - who does double duty in the role of Dr. Jordine - and starring Academy Award-nominee Sally Kirkland, FATAL GAMES is a deliriously entertaining early 80s stalk-and-slash effort stacked with gr

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 30, 2024
Genre Horror
Actors Sally Kirkland, Lynn Banashek, Sean Masterson, Michael O'Leary, Teal Roberts, Spice Williams-Crosby, Melissa Prophet, Angela Bennett, Nicholas Love
Director Michael Elliot
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