Historys Greatest Mysteries: Season 1 & 2

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Historys Greatest Mysteries is a series of investigative specials that take the worlds most well-known mysteries, and challenges everything we know about them. Narrated and hosted by Laurence Fishburne, the franchise will delve into a wide array of some of the most historically important mysteries of recent times: what was the true reason the Titanic sank? Where did D.B. Cooper disappear to? Did John Wilkes Booth live? Using fresh, new evidence and perspectives, including never-before-seen diaries and advanced DNA testing, Historys Greatest Mysteries will unearth brand-new information on some of Historys most famous and enigmatic chapters.

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Format DVD
Release Date Jun 7, 2022
Genre Biography, History, TV
Actors Laurence Fishburne, Jason Horton, David Phyfer
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