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Brilliant scientist, Professor Bernard Hichcock, harbors a secret fascination with the corpses of beautiful young women. His perverse desires are so strong that he has developed a unique serum capable of placing people into a death-like state; a drug he has decided to experiment with on his wife, Margaretha. However, after accidentally giving her a lethal dose, the doctor panics and covers up his wifes death. Hichcock soon remarries, this time to the orphaned Cynthia, whom he brings to live with him at his isolated castle. Shortly after her arrival, Cynthia begins to experience increasingly strange and ghastly goings-on. While her new husband dismisses these seemingly supernatural occurrences, Cynthia becomes convinced that someone - or something - is lurking in the castle and her loving husband might know more than hes letting onA crucial early work in the Italian gothic horror canon, THE HORRIBLE DR. HICHCOCK, from director Riccardo Freda (Tragic Ceremony) and screenwriter Ernesto Ga

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Format 4K
Release Date Feb 27, 2024
Genre Horror
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Actors Barbara Steele, Robert Flemyng, Silvano Tranquilli, Harriet Medin, Maria Teresa Vianello, Spencer Williams, Aldo Cristiani, Evaristo Signorini, Giovanni Querrel
Director Riccardo Freda
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