Kid Brother, The (Blu-ray)



Take a good look.Youll never forget this kid.Going through life without legs, 13-year-old Kenny (Kenny Easterday, playing a version of himself) is active and enthusiastic, resisting the pressure to wear prosthetic limbs. He also finds himself the subject of a documentary made by a visiting French film crew. As the production unfolds, Kennys parents (Dragonslayers Caitlin Clarke and Fight Clubs Zach Grenier), brother (Kennys real sibling Jesse Easterday Jr.), and absentee sister (Girlfriend from Hells Liane Curtis) bring long-simmering tensions to the surface, shaking Kennys delicate sense of balance. Determined to better understand his place in the world, he hits the road for a daring journey of self-discovery. An unprecedented cinematic achievement that has earned acclaim, awards, and disbelief all over the world while remaining largely unknown in North America The Kid Brother (aka Kenny) is a one-of-a-kind coming-of-age triumph. In his one and only film role, Kenny Easterday lig

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Sept 27, 2022
Actors Kenny Easterday, Caitlin Clarke, Liane Curtis, Zach Grenier, Jesse Easterday Jr., Tom Reddy, Alain Saint-Alix
Director Claude Gagnon
Language English
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