Mad Heidi Extra Cheese Limited Edition (Blu-ray)



This wicked odyssey of blood and cheese puts a new spin on the classic tale of "Heidi," finding our heroine (Alice Lucy) all grown-up and living an idyllic life in the Swiss Alps with her beloved grandfather (David Schofield) far above an increasingly-dystopian landscape presided over by Our Very Swiss Leader (Casper Van Dien) - a ruthless dictator bent on world domination through dairy. But when her goat-herding lover (Kel Matsena) is brutally murdered by government thugs for distributing illegal cheese, Heidi embarks on a wild quest for vengeance that will bring her toe-to-toe against fierce female prison inmates, cheese-fueled Swiss super-soldiers, ninja nuns, and more, as she fights to take down the tyrannical regime and restore freedom to Switzerland.

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Aug 1, 2023
Genre Dark Comedy, Horror
Actors Alice Lucy, Max Rdlinger, Casper Van Dien, David Schofield, and Kel Matsena
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