Midnight Desires (Blu-ray)



Jon is hoping that his aloof boss, Martin Van Nostrand, will offer him a promotion at work. When Martin invites Jon and his wife Amy to his home for a mysterious night of games, Jon senses that this will be his one opportunity to make a good impression on Martin and prove his deservingness of the promotion. But nothing can prepare them for what Martin and his beautiful wife Elaine have in mind for their "night of games," as the wealthy couple engage their naive guests in a bid to outdo each others strangest sexual desires.From the twisted mind of acclaimed erotic filmmaker, Shaun Costello (Waterpower, Pandoras Mirror) comes a journey into the darkest and most debauched of sexual fantasies: MIDNIGHT DESIRES. With a cast headlined by C.J. Laing, Jamie Gillis, Jenny Baxter, and Eric Edwards, and featuring supporting performances from Vanessa Del Rio, Bree Anthony, and Roger Caine, this expertly directed, edited and photographed hardcore drama offers a mind-bending glimpse at a sensual and

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date May 28, 2024
Actors Jamie Gillis, C.J. Laing, Eric Edwards, Vanessa Del Rio, Jenny Baxter, Bree Anthony, Arturo Millhouse, Linda Lovemore, Ray Jeffries, Leonard Cooper, Ellen Burden, Craig Esposito
Director Shaun Costello
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