Next Time We Love



Margaret Sullavan (The Good Fairy) stars opposite James Stewart (Made for Each Other) in his first leading role in Next Time We Love, a captivating romantic drama co-starring Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend). When newlywed reporter Christopher Tyler (Stewart) is posted to Rome, his actress wife, Cicely (Sullavan), refuses to go with him, preferring to stay in New York. Devoting themselves to their thriving careers, they become increasingly estranged, seeing each other only in passing. When a longtime admirer (Milland) proposes she get a divorce and marry him instead, Cicely must decide what she loves mosther husband, friend or career. The heart-tugging story by Ursula Parrott (Theres Always Tomorrow) springs to life courtesy of director Edward H. Griffith (The Animal Kingdom) and writer Melville Baker (The Gilded Lily).

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Aug. 9, 2022
Genre Drama, Romance
Actors Margaret Sullavan
Director Edward H. Griffith
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