Set against the backdrop of a futuristic New York City besieged by acid rain and populated with mutated insects and flying cars, bartender Adam (Adam Plotch) repeatedly encounters a mysterious and enchanting young woman (Talia Rubel) who leaves behind a tooth on the subway, triggering an obsession that quickly disrupts the overall banality of his day to day existence. This enigma slowly begins reappearing in different aspects of Adams life; as a prospective roommate, during a graveyard tryst, and eventually as his long lost sister whos recently awoken from a coma after being presumed dead in a car wreck ten years prior. Oddly, this new found revelation of sibling kinship does not bring a stop to the couples lustful impulses and sexually charged mind games, eventually leading to a blood soaked climax fueled by repressed familial abuse, fast food foreplay, and the ever watchful eye of the ominous DNA 21 Corporation.Armed with a $2,000 budget and a Canon GL1 camcorder, visionary Cuban bor

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date May 30, 2023
Genre Sci-Fi
Actors Adam Plotch, Talia Rubel, Diane Spodarek, Jeff Pucillo
Director Miguel Coyula
Language English
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