Redneck Zombies (Blu-ray)



Deep in the backwoods and winding trails of The Appalachian Mountains, Wilbur is leading a group of his friends to his old childhood stomping grounds. Just across the mountainous terrain, Pa and his three sons are making their patented moonshine. But when the military loses a canister of oozing, deadly and deforming toxic waste, all paths lead to terror! Soon the good ol' boys are hand delivering a new nuked-up batch of brew to all the locals, turning them into melting cannibal zombies with their eyes on the freshest flesh around; Wilbur and his camping buddies! Will they escape the monstrous hordes or will they be the next course on the menu!?In one of the first shot-on and released direct-to-video features, Degausser Video is proud to present the Blu-ray debut of REDNECK ZOMBIES from special fx whizz Pericles Lewnes (The Toxic Avenger 2 & 3, Shatter Dead). Shot with barely a budget and almost entirely on weekends, the film delivers scares, laughs and better than expected gore! Source

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Jan 30, 2024
Genre Horror
Actors Lisa M. DeHaven, James H. Housely, Martin J. Wolfman, Boo Teasedale, Anthony Burlington-Smith, Tyrone Taylor, Darla Deans, Joe Benson, Bucky Santini
Director Pericles Lewnes
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