Smurfs, The: Springtime Specials



THE SMURFS SPRINGTIME SPECIALS brings together three of the classic Smurfs specials in one special springtime collection. The evil wizard Gargamel--who hates happiness and spring because it makes the Smurfs happy, devises a scheme to put Mother Nature to sleep, stop the arrival of spring and freeze the Smurfs out of their village. But the Smurfs fight back and defend Mother Nature in THE SMURFS SPRINGTIME SPECIAL. Smurfette searches for her dashing Prince Smurfing in the first story; the evil Gargamel attempts to capture all the Smurfs; and Chlorhydris, an evil witch, awaits a solar eclipse to unleash her powers of magic and produce a world without love in the final tale. As the citizens of Smurf village await Cupid's annual visit, these interwoven tales of love are told in MY SMURFY VALENTINE Smurfett fantasizes about whom she might want to marry someday. Meanwhile, as the Smurfs prepare for the wedding of Laconia and Woody, Gargamel appears, ruining the joyous celebration with a ghou

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Format DVD
Release Date Feb 21, 2023
Genre Adventure, Animated, Comedy
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