Surf Nazis Must Die! (DVD)



HANG TEN GESTAPO STYLE! Sometime in the near future, a major earthquake has devastated the entire California coastline. As the survivors attempt to put their lives back together, a new, more terrifying threat erupts the rise of a wretched Reich which really rock the Richter scale! The beautiful beaches are now ruled by ruthless gangs and the gangs are ruled by the SURF NAZIS! Welcome to California! Where the beaches have become battlefields and the waves are a war zone! The rival gangs the Samurai Surfers and the tyranny of the tide -the SURF NAZIS! Adolf, Eva, Mengele, Hook, Smeg and the rest of the gang! Only one person is powerful enough darling enough brave enough to stop them! Shes tough shes dangerous shes wide-hipped and strong-willed shes Leroys Mama! And as long as shes alive the SURF NAZIS MUST DIE! Feel the roar of the monster waves! experience the passion of perverted romance know the evil of mankinds greatest, villains and taste the violent vengeance! SURF NAZIS MUST DI

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Format DVD
Release Date Mar 24, 1998
Genre Action, Adventure
Actors Barry Brenner, Gail Neely, Michael Sonye, Dawn Wildsmith, Tom Shell, Dawne Ellison, Bobbie Bresee
Director Peter George
Runtime 83
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