Twin Pack: Suddenly/Red House



THE RED HOUSE - Lovers of film noir have long treasured this eerie gem, produced during what has come to be regarded as Hollywoods classic noir period and offered here in stunning high-definition Blu-Ray. Edward G. Robinson plays an aging farmer with a dark secret hes trying to keep hidden. He and his sister Ellen (Judith Anderson) have raised Meg (Allene Roberts) since she was a little girl, after her parents mysteriously disappeared. But now Meg is coming of age, and bringing a male friend from high school around to help with chores on the farm. The teens are warned against wandering into the nearby woods, where terrifying screams have been heard in the night emanating from an abandoned red house. But curiosity threatens to get the better of them. SUDDENLY - With a plot line inspired by then President Eisenhowers train trips to Palm Springs, Calif., Suddenly finds Baron (Frank Sinatra) holding pacifist war widow Ellen Benson (Nancy Gates), her family and the town sheriff (Sterling Ha

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Aug 1, 2022
Genre Crime, Film Noir
Actors Edward G. Robinson; Allene Roberts; Judith Anderson, Frank Sinatra; Sterling Hayden
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