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Winner of two Academy Awards for Original Screenplay (McQuarrie) and Supporting Actor (Spacey), this masterful neo-noir enraptured audiences with its twisting storyline, tour-de-force performances and jaw-dropping climax. The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didnt exist, says con man Verbal Kint, drawing a comparison to the most enigmatic criminal of all time, Keyser Sze. Kint attempts to convince the feds that the mythic crime lord not only exists, but is also responsible for drawing Kint and his four partners into a multimillion-dollar heist that ended with an explosion in San Pedro Harborleaving few survivors. But as Kint draws his interrogators into the incredible story of Szes almost supernatural prowess, so too will you be drawn into The Usual Suspectsone of the most gripping and diabolically clever thrillers of the 90s. Written by Christopher McQuarrie (Top Gun: Maverick), directed by Bryan Singer (X-Men) and featuring a legendary lineup of actors

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Format 4K
Release Date Oct 25, 2022
Genre Crime, Film Noir, Mystery, Thriller
Actors Gabriel Byrne, Denicio Del Toro, Kevin Spacey
Director Bryan Singer
Language English
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