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The Troma Team is proud to present Academy Award winning Actor/Director KEVIN COSTNER in a special collector's Director's Cut edition of the internationally acclaimed classic SIZZLE BEACH U.S.A. produced by Eric Louzil (Class of Nuke Em High II, Fortress of AmeriKKKa). KEVIN COSTNER'S first starring role in SIZZLE BEACH U.S.A. is widely considered his Boogie Nights of the early 80's West Coast scene. When a young rancher (KEVIN COSTNER) meets up with three young and sexy girls new to the pressures of the L.A, underground, he quickly familiarizes them with the hard and fast rules of the life. Portraying the Malibu beach life by day, and the L.A. club life by night, SIZZLE BEACH U.S.A. is a stunning insider's critique of the sex and drug world of the swingers' scene in the early 80's. div>

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Format DVD
Release Date Sep. 22, 2015
Genre Horror
Actors Terry Congie, Leslie Brander, Roselyn Royce featuring Kevin Costner
Director Richard Brander
Runtime 89
Language English
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