Friday the 13th 8-Movie Collection


Take a terrifying dip into the 8-Movie Paramount Pictures FRIDAY THE 13th collection, featuring every killer momentstarting in Camp Crystal Lake, and ending on the streets of Manhattan. The rampage begins with a group of counselors ignoring a wilderness camps death curse. Years ago, a young boy nam

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Format Blu-ray
Release Date Aug. 10, 2021
Genre Horror
Actors Kevin Bacon (Actor), Betsy Palmer (Actor), Adrienne King (Actor), Harry Crosby (Actor), Laurie Bartram (Actor), Robbi Morgan (Actor), Mark Nelson (Actor), Jeannine Taylor (Actor), Ari Lehman (Actor), Ronn Carroll (Actor), Peter Brouwer (Actor), Sally Anne
Runtime 726
Language English
Sub Titles English; French
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